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Icon Pop Song 2 Answers

The follow up to the massive song trivia game game has arrived. Icon Pop Song 2 presents players with a unique and truly fun music guessing challenge. Hundreds of levels of songs to guess from! Each level contains and an acoustic cover of all of the most popular songs, and it’s up to the player to guess the name or artist.

Sounds simple - right? However, very few players have made it to the end of the game. There are some challenging songs that will have you really scratching your head. Go to Icon Pop Song 2 Answers for answers to every level of the game.

To download Icon Pop Song 2 click the link and start playing today. This will be a guaranteed summer smash hit for the iOS and Android.

Superheroes Mania Answers

Are you a big super hero fan? Put your knowledge of of popular super hero characters to the test with the new iOS app Superheroes Mania.

There are dozens of great characters to guess from. Some of them are pretty easy to guess, while other levels are tricky even for the biggest super hero buffs. Superheroes Mania draws from the biggest super hero movies and comic books - see how many you can guess!

If you get stuck on any of the levels of the game, App Cheaters has a Superheroes Mania Answers guide with cheats and solutions to each level of the game.