Colormania - Guess the Color Game

Colormania is one of the biggest games to hit the iTunes App Store this month. It’s the color quiz game with a frustratingly simple concept: simply guess the color of the image! Each level contains a black and white version of a popular logo, character, or icon and the player needs to guess which color or colors its missing.

The game is now available for free in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. If you love playing trivia games, this will be a very special addition to your app collection. It’s a unique and addictive app that offers a new twist on the icon guessing genre of apps.

If you need answers, cheats or solutions to any of the Colormania levels, App Cheaters has a complete walkthrough guide of the game. Some levels will require you to wait upwards of half an hour to regenerate lives. Some players think its worth the wait to keep playing, but if you want to play immediately, check out App Cheaters for all of the Colormania answers.

Icon Pop Song

If you have enjoyed playing Icon Pop Quiz, and lets face it, you have! Then check out the new quiz game by Alegrium Icon Pop Song! The song challenges players to guess the name of the song playing in the quick clip. Each level contains an original acoustic version of popular songs for you to jam out to!

This game is totally one of the most addictive and charming song guessing games in the iTunes App Store. It’s a wonderful addition to your app collection if you love word trivia games. It’s free in the App Store and on Google Play so you should totally give it a try.

Our friends over at AppCheaters are giving away all of the answers to the game. There’s no harm in giving a them a little peek if you get stuck on any of the levels. As the game goes on, it gets pretty challenging. So for sure check out their Icon Pop Song Answers walkthrough.

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