Icon Pop Quiz - Characters - Level 3 - Walkthrough Answers and cheats

Here is a complete list of answers and hints for Characters answers for Level three 3 of Icon Pop Quiz for iphone, ipad, and android with video above.

Answer: Tinky Winky
Purple Teletubby character names and color. 

Answer: Dipsy
Green Teletubbies character names.

Answer: Laa-Laa
Yellow Teletubbies character names 

Answer: Po
Red circle Teletubby character names and colors. 

Answer: Indiana Jones
Archaeology professor on an adventure. Hat and whip character name.

Answer: Scooby Doo
Zoinks! character name mystery solving dog cartoon.

Answer: Mater
Rusty tow truck character.

Answer: Mr. Potato Head
A plastic model of a potato which can be decorated with a variety of plastic parts that can attach to the main body character name.

Answer: Jack-Jack
Incredible baby superhero baby’s name from movie Incredibles. 

Answer: Alvin
A for red wearing star of cartoon about singing chipmunks name.

Answer: Jason
Serial killer on friday the 13th character name.

Answer: Olive
The girlfriend of a sailor man Popeye’s girlfriend character name.

Answer: Dr. Manhattan
A lab technician turned into blue skinned superhuman after a nuclear lab incident name.

Answer: Big Bird
Big yellow bird from Sesame Street character name.

Answer: Snowy
Tintin’s Wite Fox Terrier’s Tintin’s dog name.

Answer: Hannibal
A brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer Silence of the Lamb’s killer character name. 

Answer: Captain Haddock
An alcoholic captain of Tintin.

Answer: Calvin
A kid with an imaginary tiger friend character name.

Answer: Leela
Captain of the Planet Express spaceship. Purple hair one eye girl from Futurama’s name. 

Answer: Tarzan
Swings on vines in the jungle.

Answer: Sadako or Samara
A ghost that crawls out of television. The creepy girl with hair from the Ring character name.

Answer: Asterix
Comic strip viking warrior name.

Answer: Buttercup
She’s the toughest fighter the green one from Powerpuff girls names. 

Answer: Fido Dido
Fido is for Fido, Fido is against no one.

Answer: Pluto
Mickey Mouse’s dog name.

Answer: Harry Potter
The boy wizard with a lighting bolt scar on his forehead.

Answer: Dora
The explorer.

Answer: Beavis
Butt head’s friend’s name.

Answer: Dexter
A young boy-genius with a secret laboratory filled with highly advanced equipment hidden behind a bookcase in his bedroom. 

Answer: Cyclops
He emits powerful energy beam from his eyes - an optic blast character name.

Answer: Lisa
The name of the daughter from The Simpsons.

Answer: Marge
Character name of the mom in Simpsons.

Answer: Brian
The talking dog from the animated TV series Family Guy name.

Answer: Donald Duck
Mickey’s duck friend’s name cartoon character.

Answer: Simba
The lion son from the Lion King’s name.

Answer: Minion

Answer: Obelix
Big fat dumb viking comic strip character.

Answer: Genie
Name of the blue genie from Aladdin. The magical friend of Aladdin that comes out of the magic lamp.

Answer: Buzz Lightyear
To infinity and beyond character spaceman from Toy Story.

Answer: Pocahontas
The daughter of a Native American tribe chief who fails in love with English soldier.

Answer: Fred
Main character father from the Flintstone’s name.

Answer: Spongebob
He lives in a pineapple under the sea character name. 

Answer: Santa Clause
Father Christmas.

Answer: Road Runner
Meep meep. Bird runner character from Looney Tunes name.

Answer: Mighty Mouse
Here I come to save the day character name!

Answer: Inspector Gadget
Go go gadget!

Answer: Eric
Respect my authoritah! South park fat character name.

Answer: Kenny
Parka hooded guy on South Park who gets killed each episode name.