Icon Pop Quiz - Characters - Level 4 - Walkthrough Answers and cheats

Here is a complete list of answers and hints, cheats for Characters answers for Level four 4 of Icon Pop Quiz for iphone, ipad, and android with video above.

Page 1 of Level 3 Characters Icon Pop Quiz Answers Walkthrough and Cheats—

Answer: Daredevil
The man without fear. Red superhero name. 

Answer: Judge Dredd
I am the law.

Answer: Hans Solo
Never tell me the odds. character name

Answer: Betty Boop
Bepp-oop-a-doop quote character name

Answer: Boba Fett
The bounty hunter in the galaxy far far away.

Answer: Eeyore
A donkey friend of a bear donkey from Winnie the Pooh name.

Answer: Mike Wazowski
One-eyed, funny, short, green monster from Monsters Inc name.

Answer: Lighting Mcqueen
Ka-Chow! quote character name anwer

Answer: R2D2
The small robot from Star Wars name answer

Answer: Mr. T
A-Team character famous quote I Pitty the fool! name character

Answer: Catwoman
Known for having a complex love-hate relationship with Batman.

Answer: Rorschach
My face! Give me back my face! quote character name answer

Answer: Hobbes
The imaginary tiger friend of Calvin.

Answer: Fry
Shut up and take my money! quote character name

Answer: Patrick
A pink, dimwitted, overweight starfish and the BFF of a sponge.

Answer: Wilma
The redheaded wife of caveman from Flintstones character name.

Page 2 of Lever 3 Characters Icon Pop Quiz Answers Walkthrough —

Answer: Spawn 
A government assassin is brought back to life to see his wife and become a dark superhere.

Answer: Gandalf
The wizard name from Lord of the Rings

Answer: Waldo
Where is he character cheats.

Answer: Butthead
Beavis’ friend.

Answer: Papa Smurf
The leader of tiny, blue-skinned humanoid creature colony.

Answer: Barney
Big blue loving dinosaur character name.

Answer: Magneto
A powerful mutant with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. The name of the villain in x-men.

Answer: Stormtrooper
White soldiers from Star Wars.

Answer: Goofy
Mickey’s friend from Disney name.

Answer: Snow White
Character name and the seven dwarfs.

Answer: Mulan
A Chinese warrior’s daughter, disguised as a man and goes to war.

Answer: Lilo
Young Hawaiian girl that has pet alien name.

Answer: Princess Jasmine
I am NOT a prize to be won! Princess’ name from Aladin.

Answer: Jessica Rabbit
I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.

Answer: Princess Leia
Princess from Star Wars with buns in hair name.

Answer: Spoopy
Charlie Brown’s dog’s name.

Page 3 of Level 3 Characters Icon Pop Quiz Answers Walkthrough —

Answer: Rapunzel.
Princess with long hair in castle get tangled up character name.

Answer: Sylvester
Black and white Looney Tunes cat who tries to get Tweety name.

Answer: Golum
My precious quote Lord of the Rings character’s name.

Answer: Voldemort
You-know-who he who shall not be named villain from Harry Potter wizard name.

Answer:  The Cookie Monster
Blue character who eats cookies in Sesame Street name.

Answer: Dory
Fish voiced by Ellen Degeneres in finding Nemo just keep swimming character’s name.

Answer: Spock
Character with big pointy ears in Star Trek name.

Answer: The Thing
It’s clobberin time! quote by rock character of the Fantastic Four. Icon pop quiz answers.

Answer: Finn 
The human of Adventure Time’s name.

Answer: The Mask
Somebody stop me! Sssssmokin. Quotes character name Icon Pop quiz.

Answer: Frankenstein.
It’s alive it’s alive! monster name.

Answer: Herbie
Volkswagen Beetles movie with Lindsay Lohan car’s name character quiz.

Answer: Chucky
Serial killer doll.

Answer: Domo
Official mascot of Japanese television NHK name.

Answer: Zeus
The name of the God od sky and thunder.

Answer: Stan
Character from South Park names quote dude it’s pretty F**ked up right here.