Icon Pop Quiz - Famous People - Level 4 - Walkthrough Answers

Here is a complete list of answers and hints for Famous People Level four 4 of Icon Pop Quiz for iphone, ipad, and android

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Level 4 Page 1

Answer: Will.i.Am
The black Eyed Peas name of rapper.

Answer: Fergie
Name of lead singer of Black eyed Peas hint fergalicious icon pop quiz answers level 4.

Answer: Kobe Bryant
Basketball player yellow jersey number 24 Lakers icon pop quiz 

Answer: Evander Holyfield
Name of boxer who Mike bit his ear off bleeding ear icon pop quiz answer. 

Answer: Taboo
Name of Black Eyed Peas member with headphones icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Apl.De.Ap
Name of Black Eyed Peas member with glasses icon pop quiz 

Answer: Rafael Nadal
Icon Pop Quiz tennis player The King of Clay level 4 

Answer: Lebreon James
Name of basketball player with headband Icon Pop Quiz Heat 6 

Answer: Paris Hilton
Name of blonde celebrity with dog hint That’s hot! 

Answer: Nicole Richie
Name of famous person with cross around ankle shoes hint The Simple Life Icon pop quiz.

Answer: Angelina Jolie
Name of famous person level 4 woman with tattoo hint Mrs. Smith. 

Answer: Audrey Hephurn
Name of famous person woman black and white smoking cigarette hint Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

Answer: Julius Cesar
Dictator of the Roman Republic icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Nero
Name of famous person great fire of Rome icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Genghis Khan
Name of the founder of Mongol Empire icon pop quiz level 4 answers. 

Answer: Muammar Gaddafi
Name of Brother Leader icon pop quiz. 

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Level 4 Page 2

Answer: Melanie Brown
Name of Scary Spice all Spice girls names icon pop quiz answer 

Answer: Geri Halliwell
Ginger Spice real name icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Emma Bunton
Baby spice real name spice girls. 

Answer: Melanie Chisholm
Sporty Spice real name Spice girls. 

Answer: Victoria Beckham
Posh Spice real name Spice Girls. 

Answer: Adele
Singer of the song Someone like You. 

Answer: Erykah Badu
Name of the Queen of Neo-Soul icon pop quiz answer. 

Answer: Beyonce
Name of the famous person who sings Put A Ring On It 

Answer: Ray Charles
Singer of the song Hit The Road Jack. 

Answer: James Brown
The Godfather of soul hint icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Thomas Bangalter
Icon Pop Quiz famous people level 4 answer name of robot hint half of daft punk. 

Answer: Guy Manuel De Homem Christo
Icon Pop Quiz half of Daft punk answer. 

Answer: Karl Lagerfeld
Head designer and creative director for the fashion house Chanel icon pop quiz answers. 

Answer: Andre Leon Talley
Judging panel for America’s next top Model icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Donal Trump
You’re fired hint. 

Answer: Hulk Hogen
Name of wrestler in red bandana and goatee. 

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Level 4 Page 3

Answer: Tupac
Hint California Love. 

Answer: Coolio
C U When You Get There hint icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Rick Ross
Name of the teflon Don icon pop quiz. 

Answer: The Notorious B.I.G.
Mo Money Mo Problems icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Michael Moore
Name of the director of Fahrenheit 9/11. 

Answer: Woody Allen
Name of the director of Annie Hall icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Lionel Richie
Icon pop quiz famous people level 4 hint hello. 

Answer: Tiesto
Name of DJ with bird on scratch board hint Flight 643 icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Miley Cyrus
Name of famous person with the word love tattooed in ear played Hannah Montanna icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Jeff Dunham
Hint Silence I Kill You icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Charlie Sheen
Name of famous person chicken in bow and arrow hint hot shots icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Amelia Earhart
The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Shakespeare
Most famous playwright of all time to be or not to be. 

Answer: Vincent Van Gogh
Name of dutch post-impressionist paint icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Harry Houdini
Name of the handcuff king icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Rasputin
Name of the mad monk icon pop quiz.