Icon Pop Quiz - Famous People - Level 5 - Walkthrough Answers

Here is a complete list of answers and hints for Famous People Level five 5 of Icon Pop Quiz for iphone, ipad, and android

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Level 5 Page 1

Answer: Madonna
Singer of Like a Version Icon Pop Quiz Level 5 answers 

Answer: Snoop Dogg
Hint the doggfather.

Answer:  Pharell Williams
Famous person hint frontin icon pop quiz answer.

Answer: 50 Cent
Famous person level 5 hint half-dollar.

Answer: Che Guevera
A major figure of the Cuban revolution icon pop quiz answer.

Answer: Don King
The rumble in the Jungle.

Answer: Chuck Norris
Hint a roundhouse kick to the face icon pop quiz answers. 

Answer: Carlos Santanna
Singer of the song Black Magic Woman answer. 

Answer: Paul Stanley
Member of kiss with star on eye. 

Answer: Gene Simmons
Lead singer of Kiss. 

Answer: Erin Singer
Member of kiss with cat whiskers. 

Answer: Eric Carr
List of members of kiss answers icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Tommy Thayer
Member of kiss name with lightning bolt make-up. 

Answer: Vinnie Vincent
Member of kiss name with gold cross make-up. 

Answer: Alice Cooper
Musician of billion dollar babies answer level 5. 

Answer: Ozzy Osbourne
Rock star who bit the head off a bat hint godfather of heavy metal icon pop quiz. 

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Level 5 Page 2

Answer: Sacha Baron Cohen
Name of actor who played Borat 

Answer: Ellen Degeneres
Daytime talkshow host. The voice of Dory icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Cindy Crawford
Supermodel icon pop quiz level 5 famous people answers. 

Answer: Deadmau5
Canadian electro-house music producer, DJ, and performer icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Andy Warhol
Banana album cover and Cambell’s tomato soup painting icon pop quiz hint. 

Answer: Willie Nelson
Name of famous person hint Shotgun Willie. 

Answer: Jamie Oliver
Real name of the naked chef. 

Answer: Spike Lee
Name of American film director, producer, writer, and actor. Icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Salvador Dali
The persistence of memory artist name with mustache icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Pablo Picasso
Name of the co-founder of the cubist movement. 

Answer: Jackson Pollock
Name of artist in icon pop quiz of autumn rhythm. 

Answer: Piet Mondrian
Name of artist hin in icon pop quiz neoplasticism. 

Answer: Frida Kahlo
Name of unibrow woman Mexican painter. 

Answer: Bob Ross
Host of The joy of painting hint icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Buckethead
Guitarist who was raised in a chicken coop by chickens. 

Answer: David Belle
What is the name of the founder of parkour. 

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Level 5 Page 3

Answer: Gerry Garcia
Name of the leader of the Grateful Dead icon pop quiz level 5 famous people answers. 

Answer: J.K. Rowling
Icon pop quick stack of Harry Potter books answer. 

Answer: Joan Rivers
Host of the show fashion police. 

Answer: Dita Von Teese
Name of most famous American burlesque dancer. 

Answer: Eve
Paw print tattoos hint Let Me Blow Ya Mind. 

Answer: Flavor Flav

Answer: Easy-E
Name of the Godfather of gangsta rap. Icon pop quiz answers. 

Answer: Slick Rick
Icon pop quiz level 5 hint la di da di. 

Answer: Tyler, The Creator
What is the name of the co-founder of the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future. 

Answer: Mr. Doom
Operation: Doomsday famous people hints. 

Answer: Cee Lo Green
Singer of Forget You. 

Answer: Rhoma Irama
The king of dangdut hint icon pop quiz. 

Answer: Christian Louboutin
French footwear designer icon pop quiz black and red shoes. 

Answer: Coco Chanel
French fashion designer icon pop quiz famous people answers. 

Answer: Anna Wintour
Editor in chief of American Vogue answer. 

Answer: Takashi Murakami
Icon pop quiz level hints flower matango.